“Thangkas are painted in a technique close to tempura (a process of painting using pigments mixed with size, casein or egg instead of oil) on sized cotton canvas with water soluable pigments both mineral and organic, tempered with a herb and glue solution.” Sampten Dakpa emplys these traditional techniques with virtuostic precision and delicacy of line and color. The strong pigments and deep understanding of his subject matter convey the lush peacefulness and balance which are at the core of the meaning of this beautiful tradition. Combined with Mr. Dakpa's sense of humor, knowledge and practice of architecture, we unravel his foray into the magical world of the Tibetan gods. One only has to look to continue looking, to find more to see, as I believe Mr Dakpa has been successful achieving balance and harmony and good luck to those fortunate enough to see them.
-Ola Manana
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